New Southern Policy Plus

Hearts together, beat forever

7 Initiatives of NSP+
under the vision of the 3P

PeopleAn all-inclusive
people-centered community


Comprehensive public health cooperation in the post COVID-19 era

By sharing Korea’s disease control experience and K-health know-how,
serving to enhance the healthcare capacity of NSP countries,
by providing Korean healthcare services seeking to enhance medical welfare

01.Support the control of infectious disease and share Korea’s disease
           control experience
  • Provision of disease control goods and innovative technology
  • $4.1 mil. support for New Southern region (‘20), monitoring projects
  • Emergency response and ODA
02.Support the reinforcement of medical personnel competency and
           health care system
  • Launch of Lee Jong-wook masters degree scholarship and
    infectious disease fellowship
  • Focused support for New Southern region professor fellowship, and
    excellent medical schools
03.Establish a network for healthcare cooperation in the region
  • Launch of an ASEAN-Korean high-level conference on health
  • Launch of a ‘K-Health Partnership Planning Committee’
  • Plan for integrated Partnership
04.Conduct medical technology R&D and win-win cooperation in
           the medical industry
  • ICT based prior consultations with patients and follow-up system
  • Customized support for medical institutions’ expansion and
    operation in the New Southern region


Sharing Korean-style education model and supporting
the development of human resources

Through K-Education training and educating to
nurture human resources with a deep understanding of Korea, and
strengthening platforms for Korean language learning.

01.Develop human capacity and share K-Education
  • On-demand faculty ·reorganization, professional college
  • Support for ASEAN main national universities (agriculture, engineering, medical school)
  • GKS (Global Korea Scholarship)
02.Expand the base of Korean language use in tune with
           the expansion of exchanges
  • Support for the adoption of Korean as a second foreign language
  • Increase dispatch and training of Korean language teachers
  • Opening more King Sejong Institutes
03.Contributing to the development of future technological
           human resources capabilities
  • Upgrading of TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training)
  • Korean Company Employment consulting for returnee-employees
  • Online education consulting, and training for teachers and policy makers
04.Support capacity-building for the advancement of public administration
  • Project for the strengthening of disaster risk reduction capacity
  • Continued training for the strengthening of legal capacity
  • Continued training in the digital government system


Promote two-way cultural exchanges

Bilateral cultural exchanges through state-of-the-art digital technology,
boosting mutual cultural exchanges, drawing links with
Hallyu and approaches that avoid direct contact, thereby opening up
new avenues in the two-way cultural exchanges.

01.Expand two-way cultural exchanges
  • Establishing Digital Cultural Centers in Korea and abroad (VR, AR, 3D, etc. )
  • The holding of integrated cultural festivals
    - India Queen Huh Memorial Park Completion Ceremony (’21) - Events to mark the establishment of diplomatic relations with respective countries
    (’21, Year of Mekong-Korea bilateral exchanges)
  • Establishing cultural partnership network : Korea-ASEAN film institute,
    visual art institute, cultural heritage partnership institute
02.Spread the Hallyu with the growth of related industries
  • Hallyu contents (dramas, pop), promising consumer goods (K-Beauty, K-Food)
    convergence exhibition
  • Providing support for the launch of the OTT service into global markets
03.Expand the horizons for tourism and sports exchanges
  • Virtual Korean trip (couch potato trip) campaign via new media
  • Production and distribution of online sports education content
04.Enhance multicultural inclusion
  • Support for multicultural families returning to their home countries
  • Reducing the education gap for young multicultural people

ProsperityShared prosperity and
innovative growth


Build the foundation of mutually beneficial and
sustainable trade & investment

Expanding economic cooperation with countries of great potential for
the reshaping of the GVC,
we will build the framework for mutually beneficial and
sustainable trade and investment such as through the conclusion of
the RCEP and the strengthening of the CSR.

01.Promote mutually beneficial trade and investment
  • Increasing support for ‘supply chain diversification’, the provision of trade
    insurance and global companies’ M&A liquidity funds
  • Support for SMEs global market research (buyers, suppliers)
  • Project for the enhancement of India infrastructure project with
    EDCF (Economic Development Cooperation Fund)
02.Lay the foundation for the expansion of trade through a spirit of
           solidarity and cooperation
  • Signing of RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) (’20)
  • Bilateral FTA·CEPA, integration with ODA and infrastructure
  • Mutual partnership between Korean investors and local SMEs
03.Expand corporate social responsibility and local community involvements
  • Conducting a program for the capacity building of Indian SMEs
  • Encouragement of local rule compliance, consulting desk for labor issues
  • Enhancing awareness of CSR and promoting best practice
04.Lay the foundation for the expansion of energy and resource sector
  • Identifying projects for cooperation in the fields of energy and
    agricultural resources in Indonesia
  • Pursuing Indonesia-Korea joint offshore plant dismantlement initiatives and
    pilot projects for their utilization (R&D)


Supporting rural villages and urban infrastructure development

Develop remote rural areas through One-Team Korea,
upgrade living standards through smart city and infrastructure projects.

01.Improve quality of life by supporting rural development
  • Adopt modernization projects in pilot villages
  • Links with development projects such as ‘Clean India’
  • Support for initiatives for the nurturing of the sustainable development of
    fishing and mountain villages
02.Strengthen agricultural and fishery production and export capabilities
  • Technology sharing on smart farm models
  • Modernization of quarantine facilities, capacity building in agriculture and
    livestock quarantine (SPS: sanitary and phytosanitary)
03.Develop smart cities and improve infrastructure
  • G2G partnership such as ASCN (ASEAN Smart Cities Network)
  • Expanding participation in Indonesia new administrative capital city construction
  • Participating in MPAC (Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity) infrastructure projects
04.Facilitate the financing of infrastructure projects
  • Combining various financing methods (ODA,EDCF)
  • Financial solutions such as Public-Private Joint Funds
    (PIS: Plant, Infra, Smart city of $1.5 billion)
  • Establishing a Financial Cooperation Center
    (’21, Mission of the ROK to ASEAN)


Cooperation on future industries for common prosperity

Facilitate future industries such as next generation industries
(Startups, Industry 4.0 business sector, 5G) and
the contactless economy and achieve shared development with
the New Southern region in the post-pandemic era.

01.Cooperation in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Korea- ASEAN 5G Coordination Group (Industry·Ministry·Academia tripartite, ’22)
  • Korea-India 5G Business Forum (’21)
  • AI·Big Data·Cloud joint R&D with Singapore and India
  • Pursue the building of Indonesia smart factories and a Cambodia micro-grid
02.Expand the R&D cooperation and human exchanges
  • Core technology·service incubator for online business
  • Fintech desk, training/forum for K-payment system
  • Support for the launch of local online platforms
    (Shopee, Qoo10) the building of Virtual Exhibition Halls
  • The holding of virtual conference industry exhibitions
03.Strengthen partnership for start-ups
  • The joint establishment of a Korea-ASEAN startup policy roadmap (’21)
  • Establishing a K-Startup Center as a start-up incubator (Singapore)
  • Global Venture Fund (’20, $200 million)
04.Establish the cooperation platform for future industry
  • ASEAN-Korea Industrial Innovation Center (’21)
  • ASEAN-Korea Standardization Joint Research Center (’22)

PeaceSustainable peace and security


Transnational cooperation for the fostering of safety and peace

Enhance people-centered non-traditional security cooperation in such areas as
the environment (climate change), marine and water resources,
transnational crime, and multi-dimensional projects to enhance the resilience of
the Mekong region.

01.Cooperation to address to climate change and reduce the carbon footprint
  • Sharing Satellite (Cheollian) geostationary orbit satellite data
  • Launch of an ASEAN-ROK carbon Dialogue
02.Consolidate disaster response capability and cooperation system
  • The building of Flood forecast and alarm systems (Laos, Philippines)
  • Seek to establish an Indonesia Forest Fire Disaster Management Center
  • Continue to provide assistance through the ASEAN+3 Emergency Rice Reserve
03.Cooperation to protect the oceans and environment
  • Provision of marine pollution response vessels (Philippines, ’25)
  • Indonesia Maritime pollution management capacity enhancement
    (joint studies, monitoring, policy development)
04.Cooperation on transnational crime and on the promotion of
           international peace
  • Police partnership networking such as Partnership MOU
  • Expanding initiatives on clearance of unexploded ordinance and minesweeping
  • Expanding environmental projects in the Mekong region
    - Establishment of a Korea-Mekong Biodiversity Center - Building a water resource management system